vrijdag 8 december 2017

"ambiance" pictures
with work of myself, Japanese items and ceramics of Isabelle Crombez

my cute little kitsune (n° 2 and 4)
inspirated by shintoïsme

furoshiki table at IKI

I love the Japanese concept of wrapping gifts, books, bottles, fruits etc.
with the furoshiki-method
IKI installed a table with silk western scarfs to do furoshiki

dinsdag 5 december 2017


a paper box with 10 www-rings 
made in washi (=Japanese paper)
with written Haiku (in Japanese and English translation)
price: € 50 the box

new concept-jewel: amuletta "nearby"

the concept-jewel to start in the new "chosen by IKI" is:
amuletta nearby
inspiration was the feeling I had when I was a little child, laying in bed,
under the soft blanckets in wool, it gave a comforting, happy, safe feeling
this soft jewel is made in an edition of 3 x 3,
in 100%wool (from a blancket) and white silk, entirely handsewed,
with a poem of Jan Busschaert (poet of Bruges)

"chosen by IKI" has restarted

November 10, 2017: Chosen by IKI has restarted
with a new concept:
besides my own work (conceptual jewels and objects)
there will be work from other artists/designers
and a nice selection of vintage Japanese items,
like kimono, haori, mizuyuki, obi, chawan, ..